Jan 01, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

10 essential items travellers always forget to pack in their luggage

We have all been guilty of forgetting something when we have gone travelling. We arrive at our destination, go to find something in our luggage and then realise it is not there. It is still sitting on our bedside table, sitting on the bathroom bench or still plugged into the wall back home. Here are 10 essential items travellers always forget to pack in their luggage. 

10  items travellers always forget to pack


essential items travellers always forget to pack

If you’re anything like me I always brush my teeth before I leave the house. Before I head to the airport I clean my teeth and out of habit I place my toothbrush back into the cup it normally sits in. I don’t realise I have left it at home until I arrive at my destination, or when I want to freshen up on a long flight.

Power adaptors

If you’re travelling to a new region of the world, chances are you will need a power adaptor. Sometimes we just completely forget to pack them, or worse, don’t realise we need one until we arrive at our destination. 

Power board

essential items travellers always forget to pack

The easiest way to charge all your devices is to bring a power board from home. It seems convenient that all our devices tend to run out of charge almost simultaneously. Having a power board means you can plug it straight into your power adaptor (if you didn’t forget it).

Phone charger

You charged your phone the night before your flight and out of habit you have left it plugged into the wall. Luckily phone chargers can be purchased almost anywhere in the world, for relatively cheap. 

Laundry bag

There will come a time on any trip when you will need to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes. Having a laundry bag, if only you thought of packing it before you left.


You arrive at your destination in the middle of summer with no wet weather gear packed and it is raining. You don’t realise how much you will need an umbrella until it is raining. When we were in Japan it started raining and we didn’t have an umbrella. We had to buy one and what do you know, the price of an umbrella was suddenly quite steep. 


You need to fill in your departure or arrival card or you want to write in your diary and you realise you have no pen. Buying anything at the airport is way overpriced, pens being no exception. Make sure you pack a pen, or two, they are more important than you might think.


essential items travellers always forget to pack

You get to your destination, walk out to the taxi rank, hail a cab, arrive at your hotel and realise you have no local cash to pay for your cab. I recommend getting a little bit of cash exchanged before you go. Whatever you do, don’t exchange at the airport, they will give you a much worse rate. 

First aid supplies

Having a small first aid kit at your disposal is important. Having a few bandages and bandaids for scratches, grazes and blisters are much more convenient than having to go searching for them in local stores. Packing some sunscreen and insect repellent is also a good idea.

Reusable water bottle 

After you have spent too much on multiple bottles of water from convenience stores, you will want a refillable water bottle. This will save you money and it is better for the environment.

Thanks for reading our list of the 10 essential items travellers always forget to pack in their luggage. Is there anything you think we may have forgotten? Let us know in the comments below. 


Daniel Walker - Author

Daniel Walker is an Australian landscape photographer, blogger, outdoor enthusiast and travel addict originally from western Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, Victoria.

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