Jan 01, 2019
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2018 year in review and what to expect in 2019

Happy New Year to everyone, both of us here at Wanderwalkers hope you had an amazing 2018 and wish for nothing but happiness in 2019. Today we just want to write up a quick 2018 year in review and what to expect in 2019 blog post for you.

But, first, let’s start off with some travel stats from 2018.


How much we travelled in 2018

What a year 2018 was for us in terms of travelling. This was our biggest year of travel yet, we were lucky enough to travel to about 25 countries across four different continents.

According to data supplied on our TripIt account, in 2018 we travelled for 142 days of the year, visited 48 different cities and travelled 92,149 kilometres. But, to be honest I think it might have missed out some places that weren’t automatically imported from our booking confirmations in our email addresses. It could possibly be more cities and kilometres travelled.

Either way, we have spent more time travelling in 2018 than many people will do in their entire lives.

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A recap of what we did in 2018

World trip


In January 2018 we started the year off with a trip to Hong Kong before heading to Vietnam for 10 days making our way from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City. Our next destination was Macau.

hong kong, cordon hotel




The UK and Western Europe

Macau was followed by a short stay in London. We then caught a bus from London to Paris, yes you read that right. We caught a bus from London to Paris for a few days before catching a train down to Barcelona. After a couple of days in Barcelona, we flew to Lisbon for one day.



After Lisbon we then travelled down to Casablanca, Morocco to start our 10 day Northern Morocco Intrepid group tour.

morocco, fez


Italy, Croatia, Slovenia

From Morocco, we flew into Milan and caught a train to Venice before catching the train down to Rome two days later, with a quick stop in Florence. After Rome, we continued further south to Sorento before heading back to Rome and flying over to Dubrovnik.

From Dubrovnik, we caught a bus up to Split for one night then hired a car and drove to Zagreb, via Plitvice Lakes, before catching a late-night train to Slovenia’s Ljubljana.

Two days later we caught the train into Vienna, where we stayed one night before jumping on another train to Munich, then the next day headed to Prague by rail. The next stop was Berlin before we caught another train across to Amsterdam.

venice canals


Scandinavia and Iceland

A few days later we flew up to Stockholm and caught a train over to Bergen, with a one night stay in Oslo. After Bergen, we hopped on the train back to Oslo for one more night then caught a plane to Reykjavik, where we spent about 5 days driving a car around to all the gorgeous natural attractions.

norway, bergen, norwegian flag, mt ulriken


North America

We then continued onto London once more for one night before flying over to Los Angeles for a few days, followed by a trip to Canada, which included a few days each in Vancouver and Banff.

From Calgary, we then flew to Mexico where we spent about three weeks with time in Mexico City, Merida, Tulum and Cancun. The last stop on our world trip was back in Los Angeles before we flew home to Melbourne on April 15th, 2018.

clayton kershaw, la dodgers, baseball, usa


Other trips

In September 2018 we also celebrated 5 years together and took a weekend trip down the south-west coast of Victoria to a small beach town city, Warrnambool.

We also made several short trips from Melbourne up to Sydney where we spent time seeing family and friends.

We then finished the year off with a two and a half week trip to Singapore, Japan and South Korea from the end of October to mid-November.


What to expect from us in 2019

2018 was a crazy year for travel. We did so much in a fairly short period of time, especially on our big trip at the start of the year. That trip was fast-paced and meant we had to outlay a lot of money.

In 2019 we want to change the way we travel to suit our style, the way in which we prefer to travel is going on more frequent, shorter trips and spending more time in fewer places.

This new year we also really want to focus on creating more videos for our YouTube channel, this includes more travel vlogs and a lot more lifestyle videos. Another one of our goals is to continue to grow our audience on our social media accounts, particularly on our favourite one, Instagram.

We also want to keep writing more great travel and photography tips while growing the readership and audience of this blog. There are a lot of things we want to do in 2019 and the potential is limitless.


2018 year in review and what to expect in 2019

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