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Jul 02, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

4 Of The Best Language Learning Apps

When it comes to travelling it is really important to learn the basics of another language. Learning the minimum of another language is extremely respectful and is more rewarding and authentic. The easiest way to learn another language is with a handy tool that most of us now own, a smartphone. There are so many apps out there that can teach you the bare basics of another language, without having to invest a lot of time or money. Here are 4 of the best language learning apps to download for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store.


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Best Language learning Apps


1. Duolingo

duolingo, language learning app


Duolingo is perfect for absolute beginners, those who are wanting to learn the simplest of words and phrases. It is a really great app for those who like structure and sequential learning through gamification. The great thing about this app is it is free to start, with the option to upgrade to a paid-monthly, ad-free version. The courses are short, taking just a few minutes to complete. The gamification keeps you engaged with the language, it makes it fun to learn and easy to remember the words and phrases.

Duolingo is a perfect app to start with if you are new to language learning. Perhaps its biggest advantage over some other apps is the variety of languages to choose from.


Download the app for Android here

Download the app for iOS here


2. Beelinguapp


beelinguapp, language learning


Beelinguapp is very different to Duolingo and every other app on this list because it emphasises reading. Beelingu allows you to read a story in 2 languages at the same time. In a split-screen view you see the language you are learning and your mother tongue. When you open the app for the first time enter the language you want to learn plus your reference/native language. Beelingu searches for articles and short stories you want to read, filtered by your skill level and topics of interest. You can even listen to the texts, just like an audiobook. As the narrator reads, the words on the screen are highlighted.

There aren’t many apps to strengthen reading but Beelingu is a great resource for improving your reading skills.


Download the app for Android here

Download the app for iOS here


3. Memrise

memrise, language learning


Memrise is another great app for absolute beginners. This app is very similar to Duolingo with its structure and language learning through gamification. However, the overall feel and experience is very different. Memrise uses mems to help you remember new words and sentences. A mem is basically a picture or phrase you would use to associate with a foreign word. Something that is memorable to you.

Memrise, much like Duolingo, has an advantage over most other apps because it supports a lot of languages. This app is free to download and use, but also offers the option to upgrade to enjoy more features.


Download the app for Android here

Download the app for iOS here


4. Hellotalk


hellotalk, language learning


Hellotalk is as a peer to peer learning app. With Hellotalk you learn your foreign language of choice by communicating to native speakers who are trying to learn your language. You can send text messages and voice clips to others. When they make mistakes in their spelling or pronunciation you can correct them, and vice versa. This app is great for those who want to learn at a faster rate or are brave enough to start communicating to fluent speakers. Conversing with native speakers is the best way to learn a language, Hellotalk is the best way to do this without having to move to a new place.


Download the app for Android here

Download the app for iOS here


4 of the Best Language learning Apps


Thanks for reading this list, these are 4 of the best language learning apps available for both Android and iOS devices. We highly recommend you try them all out and even use them in conjunction with each other. We have both tried them and found them all to be great and unique in their approach to language learning.



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