Jan 16, 2020
Posted by: Daniel Walker

5 apps to help you save and invest money

One thing I have become really interested in this past year is finances. I am in no way obsessed with money or care for being a billionaire, but living comfortably and stress-free is important. One of my goals in life is to be more financially responsible and to be able to achieve financial freedom sooner than most people. That’s why I decided to write this list to help you to attain those goals too. In the article below, I have listed 5 apps to help you save and invest money. All the apps on the list are what we use on a daily basis and they are helping us to become more financially responsible and will help us on our way to financial freedom.

For the past few years, if you have been keeping up to date with us on our YouTube channel, you will have seen that we have been pumping all of our finances into travelling. We don’t regret any of the trips, but what we would do differently is save a bit more money for other things like investing in the stock market, having an emergency bank account, buying brand new gear and equipment and saving a larger deposit for a house.

The five apps and one bonus app can be broken down into three categories, saving money while shopping, investing in the stock market and paying down debt faster.


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Apps to help you save money:


1. ShopBack


shopback logo


With Shopback you can earn cashback when shopping online. There are hundreds of big-name brands including the likes of Woolworths, Nike, Virgin, and Amazon. We now use Shopback to earn money back and save. Shopback is great for those who are going to be shopping online anyway and want to earn cashback.

Shopback can also be used on your desktop computer, with Chrome and Firefox addons.

You can download the Shopback app to both your Apple iPhone device or Android device. Sign up to Shopback now and receive $5.00 when you spend a minimum of $20.


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2. Cashrewards


cashrewards logo


Cashrewards works in a very similar way to how Shopback does. When we shop online using Cashrewards we earn cashback. However, Cashrewards differs from Shopback in that it also allows you to earn cashback when you shop in-store with participating retailers. Just like Shopback there are hundreds of brands including Lacoste, Uniqlo, Microsoft, and eBay. When we shop online we also use Cashrewards.

Cashrewards can also be used on your desktop with addons available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers.

Cashrewards is available for both Apple and Android devices. Signup to Cashrewards and receive $10 when you spend at least $20 in one transaction.


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Investing apps


3. Stake


stake logo


Stake is a desktop and mobile trading app that has made it much easier and cheaper for Australians to invest in US markets. There are more than 3000 US stocks and ETFs to invest in, including the likes of Google, Facebook, Tesla and Amazon. With $0 brokerage fees and a minimum of only $10 needed per trade, Stake is an affordable way to grow and diversify your portfolio through fractional investing. Signup to Stake for free and try it out for yourself.

The Stake app is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can download the app below. Don’t forget to apply my referral code: danielw956.


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4. Spaceship


spaceship voyager investing app


Spaceship is an Australian financial services company who has made it super easy and simple to start investing in a diversified portfolio with no minimum investment and free for balances with less than $5,000.

With Spaceship you can choose between two options, the Spaceship Index Portfolio, an affordable index fund made up of 200 Australian Stock Exchange and international stock exchange-listed companies, or the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, comprised of securities hand-selected by Spaceship’s investment team.

Spaceship is perfect for beginner investors because they will manage your investments and allocate your money into the best-performing companies for you.

Download Spaceship to your iPhone or Android smartphone and use the code S8Q6VMGR80 and you will receive an extra $5 when you invest your first $5.


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5. Raiz


raiz logo


Formerly known as Acorns Australia, Raiz allows you to micro-invest in companies with small amounts of money. Raiz has made it super easy for people to start investing by automatically rounding purchases up to the next dollar. If you spend $0.90, the remaining $0.10 is automatically invested into your Raiz account.

Raiz isn’t just used for rounding up your spare change. You can make recurring investments and you can even purchase products from brands who will invest a portion of the total amount paid back into your Raiz account.

You can download the Raiz investment app from both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. Sign up for Raiz with this invite link and get your first $5.


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*Bonus app: Pay off debt faster


6. Wisr


wisr app logo


Wisr works similarly to Raiz in that when you make purchases with your connected debit card, the spare change is rounded up. However, unlike Raiz which invests the money in publicly listed companies, Wisr uses that small change to make extra payments on your debts. With Wisr you can make extra monthly payments off toxic debts like credit cards and car loans or long term debts like mortgages. Wisr’s round-ups feature is a great way to to help you pay down your debts faster and because the amounts are so small you won’t even notice them leave your bank account.

Wisr can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. If you download the app and use the code dannwalker936259wisr you will get $5 off your debt.


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