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Jul 08, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transport When You Travel

Transport and getting around a place is one of the most important aspects to consider when travelling. Getting to a place is as easy as booking a flight or even a cross-country train but figuring out how to get around when you arrive is another thing. There are various ways to get around, hiring a car is one, catching a cab, using private transfers or tours are another way and walking is a good option if you’re close to the main attractions. But the best way is to use the same method the locals do, use public transport. Catching public transport has many benefits and it is the option we opt for most of the time. With this article, I really want to detail the benefits and 5 reasons why you should use Public Transport when you travel, wherever you can.

Public transport comes in many forms, the most common two would have to be buses and trains. Other cities offer other services like light rail and trams, monorails, light buses and ferries. Most major cities in the world have several options available, however, some developing nations like Vietnam or smaller cities may not have any of the mentioned public transit options and you may have to use other methods of transport like taxis instead.


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Why you should travel on public transport


1. Public Transport is cheaper


Public transport is almost always the most affordable option of transport, usually considerably cheaper than catching a cab or private transfer. Always do your homework before you arrive at your destination to know what services are on offer. Many airports around the world have train lines or buses that travel to and from the city centre making it a breeze to get to your hotel. Hotel staff will be able to help you and help you to get to where you need to go to. 


2. Allows you to travel like a local


Every day, all across the world, millions of people use public transport to get to and from work, to visit family and friends and to do things as simple as go out to dinner or to do their grocery shop. You probably even do the same things at home. Just because you’re travelling, it doesn’t mean you need to change this habit. Using some form of public transport is how so many people around the world go about their daily lives. Travel is more rewarding and adds to the overall experience when you live and travel as a local would.


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3. Public transport is easier and faster


You may not realise this but public transport can actually get you to your destination faster than by private travel. In cities like London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and more it is easier and quicker to catch the underground metro train than it is to catch a taxi or drive yourself. Metro trains run underground where there are no issues of traffic congestion. In many cities around the world, buses have special lanes that allow them to bypass other traffic, while ferries allow you to travel to another port without having to go all the way around. It is easier because you don’t have to worry about reading foreign road signs, being stuck in traffic, getting lost or driving on unfamiliar roads. Catching a public bus or train means you will end up at your destination stress-free.


4. Better for the environment


When people use public transport instead of driving a car they are decreasing their personal carbon footprint. If more people used public transport as opposed to driving everywhere they would also decrease congestion on roads. Think of it like this: If one bus which can carry 50 people is holding even just 35 people, that is the potential to take up to 35 single passenger cars off the roads. The more people utilising public transit, the less pollution created and an overall reduction in the use of already rapidly depleting fossil fuel stocks.


5. See a place from a new perspective


Catching a public bus or tram will allow you to see a place from a new perspective and makes you more aware of your surroundings. Public transport has a way of showing you a place in a way you would not have seen otherwise. This means you will see parts of a city you would not have noticed. When we catch metro trains abroad we often find ourselves understanding the layout of a city, we have a better sense of direction and we are more aware of the surroundings.


5 reasons why you should use public transport when you travel


Thanks for reading these 5 reasons why you should use public transport when you travel. We love using public transport while travelling and we will continue to do it. Let us know your reasoning for why you use public transport, we would love to hear your feedback.



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