Nov 29, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

5 ways to personalise your luggage so it stands out

Spotting a bag on a baggage carousel at a busy airport can be a near-impossible task unless you can make your bags stand out. Here are 5 ways to personalise your luggage so it stands out. 

Personalising your luggage

1. Black bags

The best way to help your luggage stand out is to steer clear of a black bag. Black bags are the most common coloured bags being sold and purchased by consumers. If everyone else is buying a black bag, even if it is a completely different brand, it will be much harder to stand out from the crowd. By choosing to buy a coloured bag, you are already on your way to making life easier for yourself. 

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2. Stickers, badges and pins

If you want to buy any souvenir, make it a sticker, a badge or pin from that place you’re visiting. Having a lot of stickers on your hard case, or badges and pins on your soft case will make your luggage stand out amongst a sea of people. But, it also acts as a way to remember your previous travels and shows everyone who sees it how much you have travelled and where you have travelled to. 

3. Luggage straps and tags

Luggage straps and luggage tags come in hundreds of different colours and patterns, so choose a unique one that will help you to identify your bag. A brightly coloured luggage strap, or two, paired with a brightly coloured luggage tag will stand out, especially if you do have a black bag.

4. Ribbons, scarf

Attach a colourful, easily recognisable ribbon to your luggage handle(s), the brighter, or uglier, the better. A ribbon or a soft fabric of some kind, like a scarf, are cheap to buy and easy to find in most department stores. 

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5. Bias or duct tape

Bias tape and duct tape are great ways to help your bags stand out. Both come in lots of different colours and will stick to any and all styles of bags. 

Thanks for reading our list of 5 ways to personalise your luggage so it stands out. Let us know in the comment section below how your personalise your luggage, we would love to know what other creative things people have done.


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