Jun 11, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

7 things to do in Melbourne in one day

While we are unable to travel domestically or internationally at this moment we thought we would travel the city we currently live in. Therefore, we will share with you our favourite things to do in Melbourne. In this post, we share some great places to eat, to shop, entertainment, great views of the Yarra River, the city and Melbourne’s famous coffee culture.

Things to do in Melbourne

1. Breakfast at the Green Refectory, Brunswick

Probably one of our favourite places to eat breakfast/brunch has to be the Green Refectory. The Green Refectory is located on Sydney Road in Brunswick and is always packed with patrons wanting a hearty meal and a delicious barista made coffee. The service here is always great and the prices are quite reasonable, considering the portion sizes of the meals. Our favourite breakfast meal is the Breakfast stack which cost us $12 each.

2. Coffee at Campos, Carlton

Melbourne is world-famous for its coffee culture and we can definitely see why. We both love the coffee Melbourne has to offer, so for us to say that Campos in Carlton is one of our absolute favourites is a huge statement to make. Every time we go there we get a great tasting coffee with no burnt taste, whatsoever.

3. Shopping at South Wharf Direct Factory Outlets

Whenever we go shopping, whether it is for new clothing, shoes, homewares, electronics or anything else, we can’t go past South Wharf DFOs, there have not been too many times we have left this shopping centre without a few bags in hand, purchased at discounted prices. Located just south of the Yarra River and the CBD it is easy to get to via public transport or by car.

4. Walking along South Bank and the Yarra River

Walking along the South Bank and the Yarra River is incredible and must do experience in Melbourne. It is such a peaceful and relaxing place to be and if you feel like some food, there are plenty of eateries along the way to choose from. Stroll along the promenade at night for the best view because the city lights are illuminated across the Yarra.

5. Catching the trams within the free zones

Melbourne has the biggest tram network in the world so, rather than walk, catch the free city trams. Getting from one side of the city to the other is a breeze. If you really want to experience a tram, try catching an old-school tram around the city centre. These trams have a talking commentary about the history of Melbourne.

6. Visiting the Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Kayleigh and I are both lovers of the arts, photography, video, gaming and animation so the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is the perfect place to learn about the history of film and television in Australia in an interactive and fun way. Located at Federation Square and best of all it is free to enter.

7. Eating dinner and dessert on Lygon Street, Carlton

Finally, our favourite place to go for dinner and dessert is to head up to Lygon Street in Carlton. Here you can find the most amazing Italian mains and sweets. There is also a range of other options scattered along the street, including Middle Eastern, Greek, French and Japanese cuisines.

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