Hello & welcome to our website, Wanderwalkers

Wanderwalkers was created in 2017 by Illawarra based couple Dan and Kayleigh. We originally started Wanderwalkers when we were living in Melbourne, we had just come back from an overseas trip to South Korea and Japan and Dan wanted an outlet to write about and film videos about travel. Alas, Wanderwalkers was born as a travel vlogging channel and blog where we could share the knowledge and tips we learned from travelling. Since 2013, when we began dating, we have travelled to about 25 countries together in Europe, Asia, North America, North Africa, and Oceania. We had a wealth of knowledge we felt could benefit others.

However, in 2019, after about two years of creating travel-only related content, we decided to start including some lifestyle-based content. This was partly due to us getting bored of travel content and never wanting to be full-time travellers. It was also because we got our whippet, Suki. But, we also have other hobbies, interests and business commitments in life, aside from travelling. We strongly felt we were only showing small glimpses of who we actually were as individuals and as a couple. With some lifestyle-based content, we believed we could showcase our full selves and appeal to a wider audience.

We create content for those interested in travelling around the world, for those interested in travelling with a dog, for those interested in daily vlogs and for those interested in photography.

The reason we make and will continue to make content in the future is that we want to connect with like-minded people, without Wanderwalkers, this would not be possible. We would love for you to join us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following us on Instagram and Pinterest.

We appreciate all the support we have received over the past few years, everything we have achieved would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever read a blog post, watched a YouTube video or commented on an Instagram photo.