Jan 07, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Alternatives to Google Maps, the best navigation apps to use when travelling

We all love using Google Maps, it is super easy to use and it makes getting around a region much simpler. But there comes a time when it just isn’t the best option, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. In some countries like China, you aren’t able to use any Google products and in South Korea we found it was limited in information. In my quest to find the best map app, I discovered some really good ones. Here are what I think are some of the best alternatives to Google Maps. These are the best navigation apps to use when travelling.

Alternatives navigation apps to Google Maps


Maps.Me is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world today. All the maps and features are free, all the geographic data is compiled and pulled together using the OpenStreetMap, an open source mapping system. The app comes with turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarks, points of interest, location sharing, and also social network integration.


If you are after a car navigation only app then Waze is a great option. Waze is a turn by turn app with an emphasis on social networking with other drivers. Drivers nearby share information to other drivers using the app about road hazards, closures and police patrols. Waze uses this live traffic data to determine the best route for you depending on your preferences.

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If you’re looking for an app that will help you get from A to B in the most simple way then Citymapper is possibly the best app on this list. Citymapper doesn’t limit your choices to just walking or driving, this app suggests all forms of public transport, cycling and even Uber. It shows live timetables, approximate cost and how long it will take. Citymapper is available for some of the world’s biggest cities including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and more.

Here Wego

Here WeGo offers turn by turn navigation, real time traffic data, public transport, walking and cycling navigation. The app Offers suggestions for places nearby, voice navigation and can be used both online and offline. The app was given the Editors’ Choice on the Google Play store for being the best in class for offline navigation.

Thanks so much for reading our list of alternatives to Google Maps. What navigation apps do you use while you are travelling? Let us know of any others we may not be aware of, we would love to hear your recommendations.


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