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Jul 04, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Alternatives to Uber, the best ride sharing apps from around the world

Uber is best known for being the number one ride-sharing app in the world with operations in 633 cities worldwide. While I have previously written why you should use Uber while travelling overseas there are times when another ride-sharing, taxi app might be better. In many countries, Uber has actually been declared illegal by local governments and in some countries, there are other services which have a bigger market share. In some cases, as what happened in China, Uber had to sell and shut down its operation. There are plenty of alternatives to Uber, so in this article, I want to share some of them.


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Some alternatives to Uber from around the world


USA and Canada



If you are from the United States then you would probably know what Lyft is, it is probably Uber’s biggest competitor in the US market. It is similar to Uber but there are slight differences. Lyft drivers display a Lyft logo in their front window to make them easier to spot. Another major difference is that Lyft drivers undergo background checks and licence record reviews. Lyft is also available in select cities in Canada.


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South East Asia:



If you are in South East Asia then you will probably want to use Grab. Grab is South East Asia’s largest ride-sharing app and is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia. This ride-sharing app offers more than just an Uber-like ride, it offers licensed taxis, shuttle bus services and in places like Vietnam, GrabBike, a motorcycle service.


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The largest ride-sharing startup in India is Ola. Ola differs from Uber because it offers more than just Uber-like drivers, they also offer luxury cars, licensed cabs and even rickshaw rides. In 2018 it also launched in Australia to compete with Uber, which dominates the ridesharing market.


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Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing owns more than 90% of the market share in the ride-sharing business in China. When Uber entered into China and attempted to take some of the market share away they failed miserably and ended up selling their business operations to the Chinese company. Didi Chuxing has also built investment and technology partnerships with every other app on this list. It has also expanded into Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong and has partnerships and operations in Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.


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The Middle East and North Africa:



Careem is the go-to for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Operating in 15 countries and in more than 90 cities in the region, it has more than 20 million users and is continually growing and expanding its operations. Unlike Uber, Careem offers credit card and cash payments. Careem has become so big and popular in MENA that the powerhouse that Uber is acquired it in March 2019 for more than $3 billion.


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Alternatives to Uber, the best ride-sharing apps from around the world


Thanks for reading about some of the alternatives to Uber. There are many out there that even dominate and beat Uber. If you are in a region where Uber isn’t available, one of these is bound to work. We would love to know if you think we have missed any.



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