Nov 08, 2017
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Choosing the right luggage and what to look for in a suitcase

When it comes to buying a new suitcase or luggage bag for travel, there are hundreds of brands and hundreds of different bags to choose from. So, how do you know which one is right for you? For your convenience, we have put together this list of the most important tips to consider when choosing the right luggage and what to look for in a suitcase.

How to choose the right luggage

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What style of bag are are you after? Do you want a roller bag or a duffle bag? Are you going backpacking through Europe? Or are you looking for a hybrid, like a roller bag with straps that function as a backpack? Hard shell or soft case? The style of travel and the length of your trip will also greatly influence the type of bag you purchase. Choose the right bag for your trip.


The size of your luggage is extremely important. While it might seem logical to get the biggest bag, this is usually impractical. The bigger the luggage bag, the more stuff you can fit in. But, it also means you are more likely to overpack and it will ultimately decide the price you have to pay for your luggage. It will also be much heavier to lug around on your trip.


Colour is more important than you might think. Have you ever noticed how every brand sells black bags and every traveller seems to have a black bag? Finding a bag that isn’t black is actually quite a difficult task. Coloured bags will stand out amongst the others when on a conveyor belt at the airport and if you store it at hotels and have to pick it out, or describe it to someone. I would recommend staying well away from black bags.

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Extra features

Different bags and luggage styles have different features, these small extras may influence your final decision. How many wheels does that roller bag have? Some have two, others four. Some bags have mesh zippers on the inside to separate one side to the other. While some feature TSA approved locks already built into the bag. The little extra features differ from bag to bag, choose a bag with the features that best serve you.


For a decent suitcase and luggage bag, the price can be quite expensive, but there is such a thing as cheap, poor quality. Avoid these bags, investing in a high-quality bag will allow you to use it effectively for a number of years. But, that does not mean you have to spend more than $400 on a bag. There are hundreds of bags on the market for less than $400.

Thank you for reading choosing the right luggage and what to look for in a suitcase, did we miss any tips?


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