Dec 12, 2017
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How to eat healthy while travelling overseas

You’re on holidays, you want to enjoy yourself and indulge, trying lots of new and exciting foods that may not be healthy. While sticking to your normal healthy diet overseas can be difficult, it is not impossible. Here are some of our top tips detailing how to eat healthy while travelling overseas.

Eating healthy while travelling

Book accommodation with a kitchen

The easiest way to stick to eating healthy meals while on holidays is to stay in a place with a kitchen, or at least a kitchenette. Accommodation with a kitchen facility will allow you to prepare and cook your own meals. It will also help you to save money. Eating out at restaurants and cafes every day is not sustainable for long periods of time. You will be more likely to splurge more often when you eat out all the time. If you normally cook healthy meals at home, staying in accommodation with cooking facilities will allow you to stick to your normal routines. Choose a hotel room with a kitchenette or a self-contained apartment, a hostel with a communal kitchen or an Airbnb.

How to travel more frequently

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Do a grocery shop

When you arrive at your holiday destination, why not head to the local farmer’s markets, or supermarket and buy some basics. Going shopping in a new city or country can be a fun and rewarding experience in itself. Don’t buy too much, just enough to cook some meals for the number of days you will be there and to stock up on some foods you can carry with you while you’re exploring on foot. This is also a great way to stock up on foods to snack on during the day while you are exploring.

How to be a responsible traveller, how to eat healthy while travelling

Eat properly throughout the day

You should definitely take advantage of the buffet breakfast included in your hotel room rate but try not to overindulge on the wrong foods. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you should be aware of the foods you are fuelling your body with. Continue the day with healthy foods, avoid overeating during the day and overindulging at dinner, munch on snacks throughout the day. Opting for some fruit, muesli bars or a bag of nuts will go a long way when exploring a new city all day. Packing healthy snacks you purchased from the local farmer’s market will allow you to have control over the foods you are consuming and stop you from constantly spending money on eating out. 

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Thanks for reading our tips detailing how to eat healthy while travelling overseas. What tips do you think we may have missed? Let me know in the comment section below.


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