How To Find Cheap Accommodation

how to find cheap accommodation

We are always asked by our friends and family about finding cheap accommodation. Our friends and family are always really shocked when we tell them the prices we pay. Travelling and finding an affordable place to stay can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We know how to find cheap accommodation every time we travel, no matter where it is. Below we have listed our tips, these are the exact things we do!


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Finding cheaper accommodation


Travel in off-peak seasons


When I am talking to my friends and family they often don’t understand how we can get accommodation so cheaply. What I also find a lot of them have in common is they always want to travel during peak periods of the year because that is when they get time off work.

If you have been following us for a while now you may have noticed that a lot of our overseas adventures have been during the colder months. This was very intentional. We love to travel in shoulder seasons, aka, autumn and winter. Travelling in non-peak seasons also means avoiding travel over the Christmas and New Year period but also Easter, school holidays and other public holidays. Other things to watch out for are things like spiritual and religious festivals (eg. Chinese New Year and Hajj) and sporting competitions (eg. the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup).

By avoiding the busiest periods of the year and biggest world events you can save a lot of money and also be treated to smaller crowds.

When you travel in these quieter times of the year hotels will generally have cheaper rates. The reason that hotels have cheaper rates is because there are more rooms available. Hotels work on supply and demand, the more rooms available, the cheaper they are and the fewer rooms available, the higher the price. As a way to encourage people to book accommodation during slower times of the year, many hotels and other accommodation providers will have lower prices.


Book as early as possible


A really great way to save money on your accommodation is to book in as early as possible. If you know the exact dates you are going to be where and when, booking as far in advance as possible will potentially save you a lot of money. Booking early is great if the only time of the year you can travel is at a peak time like Christmas. While booking early even for a time like that is still going to be far more expensive than the rest of the year it will be cheaper than if you booked it just one or two months in advance.

Booking in advance is great but sometimes our travel plans have been very spontaneous and have been booked only a month or less in advance.


Use hotel comparison sites


Another really easy way to find cheaper accommodation is to compare hotels through comparison sites. We love to compare hotels so we always find the best deal. Comparison sites let you compare hotels, motels, hostels, serviced apartments and many other forms of accommodation. When it comes to hotel comparison sites we love to use Hotels Combined. Hotels Combined is by far our favourite and is usually the first booking site we go.

You can check out Hotels Combined here with our affiliate link. We find them to have much better prices than other comparison sites. We have used Hotels Combined to book hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia.


Save on your hotel -


Travel in a group of people


If possible travelling with a group of friends or family members can actually save you a lot of money. The reason for this is because your accommodation costs are spread out across multiple people meaning you all pay less individually. We have done this on several occasions. In 2017 Kayleigh and I travelled to South Korea and Japan with our two friends Jess and Cola. On this trip we stayed in Airbnbs and we all saved a lot of money. We did the same thing in 2018 when we travelled to Singapore, South Korea and Japan with Jess, Cola and this time Kayleigh’s brother Adam. Again we stayed in an Airbnb and the accommodation cost was spread out across five people this time.

Airbnb is great when travelling with a group of people, we highly it. It is also great for when you aren’t travelling in groups. We love using Airbnb especially because it is available all over the world. Kayleigh and I have stayed in Airbnbs here in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Ljubljana, Croatia, Norway, Mexico and more. Sign up to Airbnb here and get up to $76 AUD off your first trip.


Try Couch surfing


If you want to travel without spending any money on accommodation then you should consider Couchsurfing or even pet sitting. Couchsurfing is a great way to meet locals and sleep on a spare lounge or bed they may have. Pet sitting is another form of free accommodation. Sign up for sites like Mad Paws and you can look after peoples pets while they are out of town. You look after their pets, take them for walks and feed them and you get the opportunity to travel and explore a new area of the world.


Stay with friends and/or family


We haven’t specifically used Couch surfing or pet sitting but we have stayed at friends and family members’ houses. The best example of this is when we travelled to Los Angeles in 2018. On this trip, we stayed with a friend for about two weeks. We have also slept on the couches and floors of many friends and family members who live in different cities and towns here in Australia. By staying with friends and family for free we have been able to keep our costs low.


Please let us know how you go in finding cheaper accommodation, we would love to know if these tips help you!


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