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Jul 24, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

How to start a successful vlogging Youtube channel

The Wanderwalkers Youtube channel has attracted more than 40,000 views and more than 800 subscribers in about two years. But the measure of success is different for everyone. For me, it is creating videos I enjoy. People may say our channel isn’t successful because we don’t get 10,000 views per video and because we don’t have a silver play button. To be honest, I don’t really care about those things. What I deem to be a successful channel is creating content I am proud of, something I enjoy making. When you enjoy what you are doing, you will do it well and others will notice and enjoy it too. In my opinion, our channel is successful and continues to be. It has been much more successful than I ever imagined it would be. Here are our tips on how to start a successful vlogging Youtube channel.


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Starting a successful vlogging Youtube channel


This article is aimed at those who have already started a Youtube channel. If you want to know how to start vlogging then I would highly recommend reading these articles first:


How to start a successful vlogging Youtube channel


Consistency and regularity


If you want to get better, the trick is to keep going. You aren’t going to get any better if the camera is tucked away in your pocket. Keep practising, keep getting better and keep uploading. Posting regularly is extremely important for many reasons.

  • Consistent uploads show your audience you are still there. People will feel abandoned if you stop posting, or post irregularly. 
  • Consistency allows you to improve when you are regularly recording and uploading. Your first 150 videos are the videos you will learn to master talking to the camera, getting steady shots, editing and optimising the videos.
  • The more videos you upload the more opportunities you will have. Think of each video as a new doorway or entrance to you and your channel. The more entry points, the more chance of being discovered and the more views and subscribers you will gain. 


Strong thumbnails

Thumbnails are extremely important. Think of thumbnails in the same way you would a book cover, food packaging, or a business shopfront. If the thumbnails aren’t great then why would anyone ever click on your video? Youtube thumbnails are important because they are the first impression of your video. You could have the best video ever created, technically perfect, however, if your thumbnail sucks, you won’t get as many clicks. Fewer clicks mean fewer views, less watch time and ultimately fewer subscribers. 


Don’t just vlog

I often see travel vloggers on Youtube post only vlogs. People who don’t know you probably won’t care about you straight away. If you want to be a successful vlogger I think it is important to find a balance of uploading vlogs and another type of content. With Wanderwalkers we upload a lot of vlogs, but we also think that providing value is very important, so we upload tips videos. Some of our tips videos have been our best performing videos. These videos include, How we saved money for a 3-month trip, the advantages and disadvantages of Airbnb, Tips for finding cheap flights and the best tips for travelling to Singapore.

These tip videos were not made by accident, they were created with intent. We want people to find us through searchable content, which leads us perfectly into the next point.


Searchable tags


Searchable tags are what will help you to be found. Being found through search is why Wanderwalkers has done as well as it has for us. We promote our channel on Twitter and Facebook but more than 90% of those who have watched our videos found us through search. The previously mentioned tip videos do really well because they are highly searched. People don’t find us by searching for terms like Wanderwalkers or Wanderwalkers vlogs. They are finding us because they are searching for things they want to know. People are searching for things like ‘best things to do in Singapore,’ ‘must do things in Singapore,’ ‘what to do in Singapore’ and ‘top things to do in Singapore.’ All these terms are searched very regularly so when people type that in, we want them to find us. 

I highly recommend Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy can tell you what search terms have high search volume and high competition. This will help to create tags in which people will find your videos and ultimately your channel. And a tip for when you are tagging your videos, put some of those tags in the description and title of the video, this will help the searchability of those videos. 

Our other tip is to use longtail keywords. What this means is don’t use one-word tags like ‘summer,’ ‘beach’ ‘travel,’ ‘vlog,’ or ‘Bali.’ These tags are extremely competitive and the chances of you being ranked on Youtube is next to nil. Instead, use terms people will search for like ‘the best Bali beach to visit in Summer.’


How to start a successful vlogging Youtube channel


Thank you for reading these tips on how to start a successful vlogging Youtube channel. In summary, just stay consistent, create amazing thumbnails, create more than just vlogs and make sure your videos are searchable. Remember success doesn’t mean you have to get 10,000 views on every video and you don’t have to have a silver play button. Define your own success. For us, it is just creating content we want to put into the world wide web.



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