Dec 19, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

How to start documenting your travels

If you’re wondering how to start documenting your travels then this post is for you. There are so many ways to document your adventures, we want to detail some of the different ways you can start. I think it is becoming more and more important to create your own story. It is well worth recording your life’s adventures so you can look back on your travels in years to come, or show your future kids and grandkids all the cool things you did. Without further ado here is a list of how to start documenting your travels. 

How to document

Travel vlogs and blogs

The most popular way of people documenting their travels nowadays is to vlog their experience and post it on Youtube. As weird as it may seem to onlookers, turning the camera on yourself followed by a few words on how you are feeling in that moment will be much more worth it to you and others watching it. Having a moment on camera, seeing or tasting something for the very first time can never be repeated.

You don’t need anything fancy to start vlogging, you can start with your phone or a cheap point and shoot camera. You can purchase point and shoot cameras for under $250 from Amazon here:


The second most common way in the digital age is to create a blog and post your experiences on that. The reason why these are so popular is that anyone can do it. You can write about anything at all. This is basically just a digital diary or journal, but in the open for lots of people to see. 

Diary or journal – Piece of paper

The old fashioned way of documenting your journey was through a journal or a personal diary. You can still do this with a hardcover book, or just any piece of paper that you manage to come across. Another way to keep a diary is to use an app. The default notes app is good, so is Evernote or even Google Docs, there is no right or wrong, just whatever you prefer. You should convey how you are feeling, what you can see and smell. Also think about the weather, the food you ate, the people you have met and the places you are staying and visiting.

If you’re not good at writing, why not draw and sketch the things you can see.



Instagram is the biggest and by far the best photo sharing platform in the world. One of the best ways to document your travels is to share the photos you take through Instagram. A photograph is worth a thousand words, make every photo you take count. Watch it grow with your photos of amazing locations, the hotels, food and people you meet along the way.

Polaroid snaps

A Polaroid camera is a really fun way of documenting your travels. A photo freezes a single moment in time. To be able to take a photo of something and then watch it print out instantly is even better. Polaroid snaps are unpredictable, which is what makes them so great. The colours of Polaroid snaps are unique, it is like having a hard copy of a photo you took on Instagram with a VSCO filter. Polaroid snaps can be shared with friends, stored in a photo album, stuck into your diary or in a …


This is the way I started documenting my travels. I collected tickets, receipts, business cards and also every map I got my hands on and stuck them all into a scrapbook. I currently have two scrapbooks filled to the brim. From personal experience, this is such a great way to look back on previous travels and remember all the great memories I created. 


Thanks for reading our detailed list on how to start documenting your travels. We hope this list proves you can document your trip in so many different ways. Let us know below how you document your travels.


Daniel Walker - Author

Daniel Walker is an Australian landscape photographer, blogger, outdoor enthusiast and travel addict originally from western Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, Victoria.

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