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Apr 26, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

How to start travel vlogging, best advice for beginners

Kayleigh and I recently finished a three month trip around the world which saw us travel to Asia, The UK, Europe, North Africa and North America. While we were travelling around the world we vlogged almost every single day. We both truly believe that vlogging is an important aspect of travelling and journalling our adventures. For that reason, I wanted to share some tips on how to start travel vlogging. I’ve outlined some really important questions that you should ask yourself.

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How to start travel vlogging


Why should I start vlogging my holidays?


I used to think that vlogging was really lame and anyone that did it was self-obsessed. But in recent years I have realised that is not necessarily true. Vlogging is an amazing way to communicate your feelings at that moment. Those feelings can never be repeated, but they can be replayed over and over again if you press record. I think the main reason to start travel vlogging is for that very reason. Imagine being able to look back on the memories you created while travelling 20 or 30 years later and seeing the excitement and wonder on your face when it was filmed. 





But won’t I feel silly talking to a camera?

When you start vlogging you will definitely feel silly, it is unavoidable. But, the only way to get over those awkward feelings is to continue doing it. Try to forget about what others might think of you while you are doing it. What are the chances you will ever see those people staring at you again anyway? They are probably pretty slim.

Here are some tips on how to start travel vlogging without feeling silly:

  1. Vlog with someone else: Vlog alongside a travelling companion, whether that is your mum, your girlfriend or your friend. Having someone there will help you to feel more comfortable
  2. Walk and vlog at the same time: Turn the camera on yourself while you are walking. This shows movement, which makes for a more interesting video. It also allows you to walk and talk straight past the on-lookers.
  3. Have your travel companion stand in front of you: While you are walking, shadow your travel buddy. It allows you to walk without bumping into strangers and will also act as a sort of blockade to any unwanted potential eye contact.
  4. Practice: The more you vlog in public, the more comfortable and easy it will become!


But I don’t have a good DSLR camera?


That’s easy to answer, you don’t need one! It is true that a DSLR can provide you with really high-quality video, but so can your smartphone. Your current mobile device is better than most video cameras made before 2009. Smartphones are extremely useful tools, they are more powerful than you may realise. Your phone has the ability to shoot HD video and photos, to edit them, post them on Youtube and then share them on your social media accounts. If your phone is all you have then that is all you need.

You can also use a point and shoot camera, we here at WANDERWALKERS use our mobile devices and a small camera. I use a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and our main vlogging camera is the Canon G7x. We don’t currently use a DSLR or mirrorless system, all the videos on our Youtube were filmed using the devices mentioned previously. One of the biggest excuses people make for not starting is because they don’t have a ‘good camera’. While a phone is maybe not as good as a $4000 camera it is more than good enough to start with.

You may also want to invest in a much cheaper alternative. There are hundreds of cameras to choose from. Check out these Amazon links below to purchase cameras for under $1000, $500 and even less than $100.






What else should I film?

Ask yourself these couple of questions. What would you want to remember in 10 years? Have you ever been on holiday and struggled to remember something? Have you ever wished you had taken a video of that amazing moment? Those are the sorts of things you should film. The easiest thing to do is to ensure you film a bit of everything. Film that iconic landmark, take footage of that amazing pizza you ate. It doesn’t matter what you film, it matters what you don’t film. You can only regret what you didn’t film, not what you did film.

Turning the camera on yourself is also really important when it comes to vlogging. We have all seen videos of the Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty, but only you can create videos of those landmarks with you in them. No one else can take that video of you at that moment for the very first time. Imagine being able to show your children and your grandchildren the footage of you seeing those sights for the very first time. That is something special.


What am I supposed to talk about?


Talking to the camera is the closest you will get to directly talking to your audience and your later self. I highly recommend you talk to the camera, otherwise, it will just be music playing over the top of some video, without any context. There is no right or wrong thing to talk about. Talk about the weather, talk about the food you are eating, talk about the hotel you are staying in (I often do a hotel room tour) and talk about the clothing you are wearing. 

Also, talk about how you are feeling and what you are doing. How do you feel after visiting that Jewish Holocaust Museum? How does seeing that mountain make you feel? Describe the feelings, the sounds, the smells and what it means to be there. What are you doing there? Are you going on a picnic with your wife because it is your fifth wedding anniversary? Are you on an intense, exhausting three-day hike through the Amazon rainforest? Talk about how your body is feeling and your mental state. There really is an endless amount of things to talk about.


I have never edited a video, how do I edit my videos?


That is totally okay, we all have to start somewhere, there was a point in time when famous Youtube vlogger Casey Neistat couldn’t edit either. But he has learned how to do it very well over many years. I learned to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro by watching Youtube videos and tutorials. There are thousands of how-to tutorials on Youtube. 

The most popular editing program is Adobe Premiere Pro but there are many other options available including Final Cut Pro and Vegas Pro. These programs are all used by working professionals, but they are very expensive. There are so many other video editing programs out there, including many free and low-cost options.  Cheaper options include Filmora, iMovie and Movie Maker. There are also several mobile editing apps for both iOS and Android for those who choose to use a mobile device. The best free editing apps include Adobe Premiere Clip, Quik and FilmoraGo. 

Video editing can be daunting and quite overwhelming as a beginner, I definitely felt that way when I first started. However, the only way to learn is by doing, making mistakes and learning from others.


Thanks so much for reading these tips on how to start travel vlogging, I really wish that when I was a beginner someone told me this stuff. I genuinely believe this is the best advice for beginners. Do you have any tips I could add to this list? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, let me know in the comments below. 



how to start travel vlogging


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Daniel Walker - Author

Daniel Walker is an Australian landscape photographer, blogger, outdoor enthusiast and travel addict originally from western Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, Victoria.

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