Dec 20, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

How to travel like a local anywhere in the world

The best way to travel is to travel and live like a local. You might be thinking you have to move to another country to do this, but that is not the case at all. Even if you’re just visiting a place for a week or two, it is still possible to do so. Here are 5 tips on how to travel like a local anywhere in the world. 

Travelling like a local

Travel in non-peak seasons

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The best way to travel like a local is during the low and shoulder seasons. Travelling in non-peak periods allows you to experience a place like a true local when they aren’t over-run with other photo-snapping tourists. 

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Learn the local language

There is nothing more respectful than learning the local language. This is how you truly live like a local. Even if you don’t learn the entire language, just learn some key phrases, hello, thank you, goodbye, sorry and excuse me will go a very long way. Being able to ask for directions will also come in handy.

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Live where the locals do

The easiest way to live like a local is to literally live where the locals do. Instead of staying in a hotel in the middle of the CBD or right next to a tourist attraction, choose a self-contained apartment or Airbnb in an outer suburb. Choosing an Airbnb means you will be living in someone’s actual place. In an Airbnb you might even need to do some house cleaning and take the garbage out on bin night. Living like a local also means shopping where locals do at the local markets or supermarket. 

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Eat locally

Rather than eating at international restaurants and chains, eat local. Choosing to eat at local establishments helps independent small business owners. Before you arrive at your destination do some research to find out what the local speciality dishes are. A good way to know which restaurants are popular with the locals is to look out for long lines out the front. 

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Travel like the locals do 

Instead of choosing those touristy double-decker buses and taxis, travel how the locals do. What are the preferred methods of transportation in your destination? Use a Tuk-tuk if you’re in Thailand. In other places download a local timetable to your phone and catch local buses, trams and trains. 

Thanks for reading how to travel like a local anywhere in the world. Do you think we have missed anything? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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