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Jan 28, 2019
Posted by: Daniel Walker

How to travel more frequently

A common question we receive is how to travel more frequently. Here are some really easy tips so you can go travelling more often. You may also be interested in tips for saving to travel more. We recently wrote about that, you can read that here:


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1. Weekend Trips


Most people work the usual Monday to Friday so it can be difficult to get that time off. But there are two more days in the week that can be and should be used to travel more. Travelling shouldn’t just be about going overseas to those famous places we all know of. It should include local trips. A weekend trip is the easiest way to travel more.

A weekend road trip to a small beach town or a national park two hours away from where you live or a short flight to a city in another state are still great trips to take.



2. Create more flexible work prospects


Probably our favourite way and something we have been working on for many years to achieve is creating a lifestyle that allows us to be more flexible with our work. For us, this means creating multiple revenue streams and being able to work from anywhere.

We aren’t by any means those digital nomads that you see all over social media promoting their courses and travelling full time. We don’t travel full time and we probably never will. When we are at home we work in flexible casual and part-time jobs, and we also do a variety of freelance jobs.

One thing we are really working on at the moment is getting paid to do work that only requires a computer and an internet connection, this is what digital nomads do. We are not making a living off this but it is something we will continue to build upon.

There are many ways to create more flexible work prospects, one of them is to work a casual or part-time job as I do, others include freelancing which we also do and to also find ways to make money by working from home. Other options include renting an apartment or house you own through Airbnb, or pet sitting and dog walking.


3. Live more minimalistic

You might be thinking, how can a more minimalistic lifestyle help me to travel more? Let me tell you how. Living a more minimalist lifestyle can mean many things, but for me, it is about living with less and spending less on things that don’t add value to my life.

Living with less means not spending money on things, meaning more money available to go travelling.

For others it could also mean living in a van, living the van life, rather than living in a house or an apartment.


4. Make travel a priority

One of the best ways to travel more is to forgo some other things. We truly believe that if travel is important then you need to make it a top priority, higher than a lot of other things. Making travel is a priority is easy if you make it.

In order for us to travel as regularly as we do we have made sacrifices. We do not indulge or eat out very often and we don’t buy the latest and greatest gadgets when they come out. We also don’t have fancy, expensive cars on finance and we don’t go clubbing or drinking every weekend.

What we do instead is prepare and cook our own lunches and dinners and keep new gadgets like phones and cameras for about five years or more before upgrading. We also share an older, smaller car and use public transport where needed. These are just a few of the things we do to make travel a priority.


5. Look out for deals

Perhaps the easiest way to travel more is to be ready to book really good deals when they come out. Airlines, tour companies and hotels are always offering deals at various times of the year. Purchasing these deals as soon as they are offered is a great way to give you more opportunities to travel but could possibly save you enough money to go on another holiday.

Sign up to receive emails from daily deal websites like Scoopon, hotel booking websites like Hotels Combined and your favourite airlines. Also, sign up for the free hotel loyalty memberships offered by hotel chains like the one Accor Hotels offers. All of these companies will regularly send out emails with deals, whether it’s cheap airfares, discounted hotel rates or free breakfasts and room upgrades, for no extra cost.

Just be aware, many deals that are offered may have specific dates, so being flexible with work may be required.

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