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Feb 23, 2019
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why it is important to travel in your home country

Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world, in fact, it is the sixth-largest country on earth in terms of landmass. That’s a lot of land to see and a lot of places to visit. Yet, we have only travelled to a small part of it, mostly on the east coast. When I was younger I didn’t really have much interest in travelling in Australia. I always wanted to head overseas to Europe to see the famous sites like the Eiffel Tower, to China to see the Terracotta Warriors and to the US to see New York City and Los Angeles’ famous Hollywood sign. But, as I have gotten older and travelled to most of these great places I have realised why it is important to travel in your home country too.

I used to think travelling only meant visiting and seeing far away places, I never really considered travelling in Australia, especially close to home as travelling. But one of our goals for 2019 is to travel and see more of this beautiful country we call home. The way in which we have been doing that is by going on road trips and camping. If you would like to see us camping then you can check out our Youtube channel where we have a camping series.



Below are five reasons for staying at home, rather than heading abroad.


It’s a lot easier to organise

Let’s face it, organising a local trip is much easier to organise. There is no need to organise appointments with the doctor for recommended vaccinations, no need for foreign currency and no need for compulsory visas. You will also have no problems with communicating in a different language. Local trips are much easier to organise because they can be much simpler. A simple road trip or camping trip is definitely less complicated than organising international flights, transport, accommodation and tours for travelling within another country.


It’s also easier to organise around other commitments. Trying to take time off work for even a week-long holiday can be complicated. Bosses often dislike us taking time off and sometimes putting in your application for leave can take a few weeks to be approved, or denied. If you study it also limits your travel time to certain periods of the year when you’re on break. After all, you don’t want to fail any classes or miss out on essential work because you decided to travel. Travelling locally means you can go on day trips or weekend trips without worrying about missing out or not being allowed to go on holidays.


It can be a lot cheaper


Travelling in your home country is almost always cheaper than travelling overseas. To travel overseas you need to book flights and accommodation. You also have to organise the aforementioned injections, visas and everything else that goes into a trip. However, travelling locally could be as simple as a day trip to a small coastal town or a weekend camping trip to a local national park. The costs involved in a simple camping trip will probably only include petrol, food and a camp spot at a caravan park. A three-day trip may total a cost of only $200, as opposed to a possible $2000 trip to even a cheap overseas destination like Bali or Thailand.

Even if you fly to another city in your home country it can still feel like you’re travelling further than you actually are. Flying to another city is a great way to travel and because it’s cheaper than flying abroad it means you can do more with the money you save.


Get to know your own country and its history

One of the reasons why we love to travel is because we love to learn about different cultures, traditions, architecture, art and history. You can do the same thing in your own country, every small town and monument has a history. Every city has traditions and their own ways of doing things. Each town and city also has its own art galleries and museums and a famous thing to see, do or even eat.

Travelling in your own country allows you to become more of an expert on the things closer to home and broadens your knowledge and understanding.


It inspires more adventures


Travelling has a funny way of making you want more. The more you travel, the more you want to travel. Travel is indeed a very addictive hobby. Whether you travel overseas or not, the more you see the more you want to see. Travelling in your own country will inspire you to get out and see more of your homeland, as well as make you want to go overseas.


Create experiences, memories and content over things

Our last reason for why it is important to travel in your home country is because you can create more experiences and memories. Science tells us that our memories and experiences make us happier. We also appreciate the money we spend on experiences more than when we buy physical things. When we buy things our happiness does not last as long as when we spend our valuable money on things, happiness quickly fades away. Travelling locally means you travel more and allows you to create more memories and have new experiences.

When it comes to content it could mean several things. The most common would be photos of your experiences, it could also include videos you create. For us, it means creating all the content for the Wanderwalkers brand. This includes taking lots of pictures, video, writing and sharing all those experiences through the content on our Youtube channel, Facebook page, Instagram and this blog. The reason why we created Wanderwalkers was to create memories and experiences through our content. We want to share our love and passion with not only ourselves but with everyone else who has the same passions. We will look back in years to come at all the content we have produced with fond memories.


You can do the same thing, even if you don’t have a blog or Youtube channel, you can do it with a simple photo album or framed pictures on your walls at home. The content created will be viewed by you and others, including possible children and grandchildren, later on in life with smiles and amazement.


Why it is important to travel in your home country

Thanks for reading our five reasons why it is important to travel in your home country. Why do you think it is important? Let us know in the comments below.



Daniel Walker - Author

Daniel Walker is an Australian landscape photographer, blogger, outdoor enthusiast and travel addict originally from western Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, Victoria.

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