All the companies, websites and apps listed below are the exact ones we use for booking travel, have helped us to save money and have helped us to build the Wanderwalkers Youtube channel and blog. We highly recommend every single one of them and that’s why they are listed below. We would never promote a product or brand we don’t believe in. These are the best resources out there and we have compiled them all here on one page so they can help you too. We hope to continue to add more of our favourite brands, and even gear, to this list in the future.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below may be affiliate links or referral links. At no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. By purchasing through our affiliate links you are supporting us and this blog.

Travel Resources

skyscanner logo


Our absolute favourite flight comparison website. Skyscanner is our go-to for flights, we very rarely book through other sites because Skyscanner consistently has the best deals. Book your next flight with Skyscanner here.

airbnb logo


Airbnb is one of our favourite places to book accommodation. We have stayed in Airbnbs all over the world, including in Dubrovnik, Seoul, Tokyo, Split, Prague, Bergen, Playa Del Carmen and more. Sign up for Airbnb here and get $55 AUD off. 

Hotels Combined logo

Hotels Combined

This is by far our favourite hotel comparison website. This is the first site we go to when we are looking for hotel accommodation. They always offer the best deals and discounts. Visit Hotels Combined here.

Accor logo


Our favourite international hotel chain is Accor Hotels. Accor hotels can be found worldwide and have a brand for everybody, from the budget-friendly Ibis to luxury five-star resorts. We have stayed in plenty of Accor Hotels around the world, including Sydney, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, Mexico City and more. Book your next Accor hotel here.

Uber logo


We use Uber here in Australia and overseas, where it is available, to get to where we need to be. Uber is a much cheaper alternative to taxis and we have never had a bad Uber ride. Sign up to Uber here and get $10 off your first Uber ride.



This website and app will help you get from point A to point B. Enter your departure and arrival destinations and it will give you all the options available, car, bus, train, plane, and ferry routes. It also tells you how much it will cost. We used this to get from London to Paris by bus, Hiroshima to Miyajima, Merida to Playa Del Carmen and more. Visit Rome2Rio here. logo is the only website we go to when we want to rent a car. They are the biggest online rental car service and always have the best deals and offers available. Available in over 160 countries you will find a rental car at a great price. We have used this site to rent cars in Australia, Croatia, Iceland, and Canada. Book your next car here.

covermore travel insurance logo


We always make sure we have a really good travel insurance policy in place before we travel abroad. That is why we always choose Covermore. Covermore paid us out in full for costs associated with a stolen passport in Korea and a lost phone on our most recent New Zealand trip. Purchase your next travel insurance policy here.

Blogging & Youtube Resources

Dreamhost logo


Dreamhost is the web hosting company we use for this website Dreamhost offer great speeds, a free domain and privacy, have won multipe awards and are even officially recommended by WordPress. The cost for webhosting and domains are fair and reasonable for their reliablity and functionality. Purchase webhosting with Dreamhost and save $50.

wpbeginner logo

We built this website with and ran into countless issues. Luckily, we have been able to fix every problem using This website is a life-saver. Any issue you have with WordPress, has an article or video tutorial about it. We can’t recommend this website highly enough. Visit here.

problogger logo


The best resource on the internet for starting a blog or website, creating content, marketing and monetising your blog. Problogger has helped us with our blog since the first day we started. There are countless articles and podcast episodes all dedicated to helping you create a successful blog. Visit here.

tubebuddy logo


Tubebuddy is the best extension tool to help you grow your Youtube channel. We have used this app since 2017 to understand who our audience is. Our favourite feature is the tag explorer which helps us to find highly searched tags so our videos can be easily found. Visit and install Tubebuddy here.

musicbed logo


Using royalty free music is very important for us as video creators to avoid copyright claims on YouTube. We pay a monthly subscribtion for Musicbed for sounds due to the large library of high quality music we can choose from for all types of videos. You can start a one month free trial with Musicbed here.

planoly logo


Planoly is what we use to schedule most of ourInstagram posts and to visually see how our feed will look. With an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate web and mobile app Planoly makes planning our Instagram simple and fun. Try Planoly today for free.

grammarly logo


Writing is an important aspect of having a blog and we need to make sure our posts are written without errors. To prevent mistakes on the blog and writing emails and anywhere on the internet we use Grammarly, the best online grammar checker. Sign up to Grammarly for free here.

Going Green Resources

biome logo


Biome is our favourite online eco-friendly store. All the products they stock are zero waste, cruelty free, ethical and toxin free. You can purchase almost anything, ranging from clothing to bathroom products, food, books, bed linen and much more. Purchase your next eco-friendly product from Biome here.

Seed & Sprout Logo

Seed & Sprout

Seed & Sprout is a great business focused on sustainability through the reduction and over reliance of single-use plastics, particularly in the home. The focus of Seed & Sprout is on things like lunchboxes, storage containers, cleaning products and food savers. Check out Seed & Sprout’s website here.

Money & Finance Resources

stake logo


Stake is a desktop and mobile trading app that has made it much easier and cheaper for Australians to invest in US markets. There are more than 3000 US stocks and ETFs to invest in, incuding the likes of Google, Facebook, Tesla and Amazon. With $0 brokerage fees Stake is an affordable way to grow and diversify your portfolio. Signup to Stake for free and try it out for yourself.

raiz logo


Raiz allows you to micro-invest in companies and save money with very small amounts. Buy something and Raiz automatically rounds the purchase up to the next dollar. You can also make recurring investments. Sign up for Raiz, get $2.50.

pureprofile logo


An easy way to make a bit of extra cash is to complete online surveys. Surveys done through Pureprofile are for real research so it is your chance to voice your opinion and feedback, both positive and negative. Sign up to Pureprofile for free here.

shopback logo


With Shopback you can earn cashback when shopping online with participating retailers. There are hundreds of big name brands including Woolworths, Nike, Virgin and Amazon. When we shop online we now use Shopback to earn money back and save. Sign up to Shopback now and receive $5.00.

cashrewards logo


Cashrewards works in a similar way to how Shopback does. When we shop online we earn cashback. Cashrewards also allows you to earn cashback when you shop in store. There are hundreds of brands including Lacoste, Uniqlo, Microsoft, and Ebay. When we shop online we also use Cashrewards. Signup to Cashrewards and receive $10.

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