About Suki

Suki is a fawn-coloured, pure breed whippet with a very distinct and very cute facial marking.

She was born in mid-August 2019 while we were travelling around New Zealand. When we returned home in October we travelled up to Newcastle to pick her up.

At first, Suki was super shy and scared of almost every dog and human, but she has grown in confidence and now loves absolutely everyone.

fawn whippet

Suki is a typical sighthound, she loves to zoom around and steal our slippers, but she is also a very gentle, affectionate dog who loves to cuddle up to us on the sofa.

Suki has fitted into our lives perfectly and was the dog we had no idea we needed. She is our first dog together and she definitely won’t be our last, we would love to get another sighthound in the future so Suki can have a partner in crime.

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