Nov 15, 2017
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The 4 best mobile apps to download for your Japan trip

Japan is one of the most amazing, crazy, busy and unique places in the world. Before you go there you need to be somewhat prepared so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost. Luckily, we now live in a digital world where we are always connected to our smartphones. The easiest and most convenient way to prepare is to use your apps on your phone. Here are the 4 best mobile apps to download for your Japan trip.

Best apps for your Japan trip

Japan Official Travel App

this is the official smartphone app, created and provided by the Japan National Tourism Organisation. This app is extremely helpful for anyone, particularly first-time travellers to Japan. The app is regularly with general information like Japanese manners, popular tourist attractions, maps and public transport. The great thing about this app is it is not just useful for travelling in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, this is also practical for smaller towns and regional areas.

Download the app here:

iOS | Android

Navitime Japan Travel

Japan Travel provides basic guides and informative articles, but it is mostly used as a navigation app by foreigners visiting Japan. The app is great for figuring out how to get from point a to point b. This app is incredible for navigating one of the world’s most complex rail system. The app also supports voice navigation, offline search for wifi spots, train delay information and you can save recent routes for use offline.

Download the app here:

iOS | Android

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Google translate

This is a no brainer, this app is extremely helpful in Japan. The situations where this comes in handy the most is when you can’t read something because it is completely in Japanese. Take a photo inside the app of the Japanese text you need to be translated and it will automatically detect and translate the text into the language of your choice.

Download the app here:

iOS | Android

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Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet’s Guides app is the perfect app to download before heading off to Japan. This app is a condensed digital version of the Lonely Planet Japan guide book. This app has information on what to see and eat, where to sleep, where to shop, a phrasebook and also transport info.

Download the app here:

iOS | Android

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Thanks for reading our list of the 4 best mobile apps to download for your Japan trip. Also, let us know in the comments below what apps you would recommend downloading for a trip to Japan.


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