Dec 14, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

The benefits of small group travel

When it comes to deciding on a tour company, there are so many to choose from. When picking a tour company there are many things to take into consideration, the most important one is not which operator to choose but whether you want to go with a small group or larger group. In this article, we outline the benefits of small group travel and the reasons why we prefer them over large groups. This includes multi-day tours and day trips. We hope this article convinces you and maybe even persuades you to book them for your next holiday.

The benefits of small group travel

Less people 

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It says it in its name, small group. Having fewer people on a tour or day trip has many advantages. Fewer people means you have more time at stops to walk around, take photos and enjoy. It also means less time waiting for others, everyone knows there is going to be that one person who is always late to the bus, or they dawdle as they walk and you have to continually wait for them. A smaller group of people also means more flexibility. Things may come up last minute, or plans may change. This allows smaller groups to make quicker decisions and do new things as they come up.

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Get to know your group

A small group allows you to get to know your fellow travellers a bit more and create long-lasting friendships. The great thing about travelling in smaller groups is you will be spending time with people you want to be around. The fact they are on the same tour as you means they share similar interests to you. Because there are fewer people on your tour, you will be spending more time with them, getting to know them and their personality, you may even end up going on another tour with them in the future.

Tours with fewer people also allows you to get to know your tour guide by name and have a more personable and intimate experience. Tour leaders for these tour groups are usually locals. Having local guides show you around feels more authentic and allows you to get insights and expert tips only someone who resides there would know. 

Better access 

Travelling in a smaller group allows better access to things like small boutique restaurants, cafes and even independent hotels. It is not possible to use or experience these types of places when travelling in a large group. Larger tour groups stand out among seas of people and are more often than not contained to just the very busy touristy areas and generally stick to larger, global chain hotels. Other tour companies catering to smaller groups, however, are able to blend in and move around with ease and they can visit the more local, independent establishments.

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Responsible travel

Companies specialising in small group tours tend to be more responsible. Many of the companies employ local guides and use local independent businesses like hotels and restaurants. They also invest in local community projects, animal welfare causes, human rights initiatives and environmental and wildlife conservation projects. These businesses often operate in a more responsible manner, promoting and engaging in sustainable tourism practices.

Thank you for reading our post detailing some of the benefits of small group travel. Do you agree with us, or do you prefer larger groups?


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