Oct 29, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Top 10 tips for first time travellers

Going on your first overseas adventure can be very daunting. To help with your upcoming trip we have compiled a list of our top 10 tips for first-time travellers.

1. Ensure you have a valid passport

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You must have at least 6 months validity on your passport or you will be denied boarding on your flight out.

Applying for a visa through the correct websites, 10 important things to do when travelling, How to keep your passport safe

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2. Visa requirements

Some countries require you to have a valid visa, without a visa you will not be granted entry to that country.

3. Purchase travel insurance

Never go overseas without travel insurance, it will be well worth the investment if something goes wrong.

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4. Make copies of your travel documents

Take photocopies of all your important documents, passport, drivers licence, visas and itinerary. Keep a hard copy separate from the originals and another copy saved to your phone or email inbox. You should also give these details to a family member or a friend.

5. Register your travels

If you are Australian, register your travel plans with Smartraveller. If you are of any other nationality you should register your trip with the relevant authority. I would also include keeping in contact with family and friends at home in this category. Whether that is through Facebook, via Skype or email, just keep people updated about your trip and to keep them feeling stress-free and not worried about you.

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6. Pack light

Choosing the right luggage and what to look for in a suitcase

Pack only what you will need, overpacking will make your luggage heavier and it will cost you more. You can always buy things if you have forgotten something or need something.

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7. Don’t over plan

You should plan your trip but don’t overdo it. There is such a thing as over planning and booking too many things. It is okay to book tours and day trips but leave room in your itinerary for relaxation days and days to just explore with no plans, be flexible to do things as they come up.

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8. Respect local cultures

Remember you are the visitor, respect the local laws, cultures, customs and traditions. This also means smiling and being polite and learning a few basic words and phrases. Learning hello, thank you, sorry and please will go a long way.

9. Do something uncomfortable

Travelling will sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and that is ok. Go out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you.

10. The most important of the top 10 tips for first time travellers

HAVE FUN! Enjoy your trip no matter what happens. Things may not always go to plan but the most important thing is to keep calm, not stress and just enjoy your time.


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Thanks for reading our Top 10 tips for first-time travellers. What tips would you give to a first-time traveller? Let us know in the comment section below.

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