Aug 21, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Travel photography and videography camera wishlist

Here at Wanderwalkers we are extremely passionate about photography and videography, after all, it is what drives us. As travel photographers and Youtubers, it is only natural for us to have a long list of gear on the wishlist. Listed below are just our travel photography and videography camera wishlist, they are just the main components we need. We would love to add them to our collection because we know they will take our photography and videography to the next level.

Our wishlist includes two cameras, one specifically for taking stills and the other for shooting video. The third thing on our wishlist is a drone.

Travel photography and videography camera wishlist

Best cameras for travel photography and videography

The Sony A7RII should be on every travel photographers wishlist. This is the ultimate camera for travel photography, a 42 megapixel, full frame mirrorless camera. This camera has super fast auto-focus, an electronic viewfinder and 399 point focal phase-detection. Finally, this camera is super-light and much smaller compared to any notable DSLR.

For shooting super high quality video, the Sony A7SII is at the top of our list. This is one of the best cameras on the market for video. Similar to the A7RII it is a light-weight, full frame mirrorless camera. Not to mention, it also has 12 megapixels, is capable of shooting 4K video and like the A7RII features an extremely fast auto-focus. We want this camera for vlogging and for shooting slick travel pieces.

Together, these cameras will immediately enhance our travel photography and videography skills, as well as the content on this blog and on our Youtube channel.

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Best drone for travel photography and videography

For future Youtube videos and photos, we want to take full advantage of a drone. Therefore, our drone of choice is the DJI Mavic Pro.  The Mavic Pro is small in size, its legs fold up and it only weighs about 730 grams. In addition, it has five vision sensors, 12 megapixels, can shoot still images, 4k video and can also fly 27 minutes on a single charge.

Thanks for reading our post, travel photography and videography camera wishlist. Which camera(s) is/are on your wishlist?


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