May 28, 2019
Posted by: Wanderwalkers

We are taking a new direction

Hello everyone 🙂

Today we will be talking about what is next for us here at Wanderwalkers. For the past few months, we have really been discussing the type of content we want to create and decided we want to expand our brand to include more lifestyle topics. Since we started this blog and our YouTube channel in 2017 we have been creating solely travel content. Due to these changes, we placed our website on maintenance mode for several weeks so that we could update and improve the back end of our website to accommodate the upcoming changes. Our blog has been updated with a new theme, new categories and tags and a whole new system and layout.

Finally, it is ready, we are ready to launch it and we are super excited.

We originally started Wanderwalkers as a travel blog so that we could share the knowledge and tips we learned from travelling around the world. However, we have decided to take Wanderwalkers down a new path and expand it from travel to include more of our lifestyle. We have so many other hobbies, passions and interests aside from travelling.

With this expansion, we hope to share our lifestyle through this blog and our YouTube channel. Some of the content we will be creating includes language learning, food, photography, business and finance, gardening and sustainability.

Creating a tight-knit community and passing on tips and knowledge with like-minded people is the real reason we started Wanderwalkers back in 2017 so we would love for you to join us, subscribe to our Youtube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our email newsletter.

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