Dec 28, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why now is the perfect time to start travelling

I’ve always wondered when the best time to travel is. Is it during the warmer months? The quieter periods? During holiday breaks? Or is the world just too dangerous at the moment to travel? But I have come to the realisation that there isn’t an ideal time to travel, and there never will be. In this post, I will explain why now is the perfect time to start travelling.

Now is the perfect time to travel

You are probably reading this post because you are thinking about travelling but you haven’t locked anything in yet.

Breaking away from the norm

We live in a world where we are taught from an early age to go to school, to get a well paying, secure full-time job. We are told to be realistic, to stop wasting money on travel, to invest in our future and travel when we’re retired.

But what kind of life is going to the same job until we’re 65 and repeating the same thing day in, day out before we are allowed to travel when we are old and immobile.

The perfect time to travel

the perfect time to travel

We often tell ourselves it is not the right time to travel and then blurt out as many excuses to justify the decision for not going. Some of the excuses include not having enough time or money, having no one to go with and for thinking the entire world is unsafe.

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The idea that someday will be the ideal time to drop everything and start travelling is a fantasy. You will continue to find an excuse to stay at home and will always push those dreams of travelling aside.

The only person who is prolonging you to explore the world is yourself.

Making travel a priority

If you really want to travel then you need to make it a priority. Stop making excuses and stop waiting, just start exploring.

In order to make travel a priority you really need to make some sacrifices in other aspects of your life. That includes cutting down on expenses to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and finding flexible work.

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When it comes to cutting down costs there are so many things you can do. Start off by cutting out unnecessary spending on things like takeaway food, clothes you don’t need and a really big one is to stop spending $4 on coffees every day. I have previously written an article on ways to save money and ways to budget for a trip, both are worth a read.

Cutting down on costs and living a minimalistic lifestyle might mean downgrading your car to a smaller, more affordable car, or getting rid of it altogether. Other options might be to choose a cheaper phone plan, live with your parents for longer, get rid of pay TV (including Netflix) or downsizing to a smaller house or to one with a lower mortgage or rent payments.

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Finding flexible work

how to travel more frequently

Let’s be honest without working we can’t afford to go travelling. Finding a job with the flexibility to travel can be hard. There are a few options. Get a full-time job, which involves a lot of hours and a consistent paycheck, but less time to travel. You really need to make use of your 4 weeks of annual leave.

Casual jobs, however, are more flexible with hours, offer a higher rate of pay and they allow you to go on holidays with little notice. Or there is working for yourself doing what you love and making money online.

Why now is the perfect time to start travelling

The biggest reason why now is the perfect time to start travelling is that there is actually no ideal time to travel. Now is the time to start putting your dreams of travelling off and to start planning and doing them. Nobody wants to get to old age and have regret. If you don’t start now you may never start, the only person who is preventing you from travelling is yourself.

Thanks for reading Why now is the perfect time to start travelling. I hope this convinces you to stop making excuses and to go travelling. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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