Nov 02, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why you don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for travel

You have just booked your amazing overseas trip, now all you want to do is buy a new camera to take epic shots while you’re travelling. But here is why you don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for travel. Most likely you already have an amazing camera sitting in your pocket, your smartphone. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a brand new DSLR, mirrorless or high-end point and shoot you should just use your smartphone.

You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera

Smartphones are one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment, in human history, to have been rolled out to the masses. Without smartphones, most people would be lost. They are used as alarm clocks, calendars and public transport timetables. They are used for internet browsing, paying bills, and listening to music. We read our books, do our shopping and chat with friends and so much more. You can do almost anything on a smartphone in just a few clicks.


Why you should use your smartphone

Why you don't need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for travel

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on an expensive camera, you should first think about the benefits of your phone. Your smartphone is a great tool. It is capable of doing a lot more than what just your camera can do. First of all, it can take the photo and be used to edit that photo. A phone will allow the photo to be posted online and shared with friends and family. Smartphones also shoot great video. A phone can be used to edit the video and post the clips online and shared with friends. Most cameras can not do that.

Your phone is also much smaller and lighter and will slip right into your pocket. Carrying a large DSLR and interchangeable lenses are heavy and they take up a lot of space in your luggage. More weight also means more money on baggage fees.

The camera in your pocket is just as good, if not better, compared to some point and shoot cameras, almost defeating the point of their existence nowadays. 

The cameras in smartphones have significantly improved since the first camera phone, and they continue to improve with every new release. The latest Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones have brilliant cameras. While the camera phone is not as good as a DSLR in terms of having a large camera sensor or higher image quality, don’t underestimate it, it will be sufficient for most things. If you aren’t looking to be a professional National Geographic wildlife and travel photographer, then your mobile phone will do the job. A smartphone is a great investment and you should use it. The ease and convenience of using a smartphone is enough reason to use one.


Why you don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for travel

Thanks for reading why you don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for travel. What are your thoughts on using a smartphone as your main camera? 



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