sunrise, wake up early
Sep 07, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why you should always wake up early while travelling

We’re on holidays, we are there to relax, be free of stress, enjoy our time and forget about our normal daily life like going to work. We sometimes stay out late, we may have a couple of drinks and then sleep in the next day and then take our time getting out of the hotel bed to explore. I know I am definitely guilty of doing this, probably more often than I should be. But I also think the early hours of the morning are the very best times when you are travelling. With this post, I really want to talk about some of the main reasons why you should always wake up early while travelling.


Why you should wake up early


Taking photos

The first and main reason why you should get up while everyone else is still sleeping is to take photos. There are many advantages to doing this and the main one is you will take better photos. We can get great photos at this time of day because it is the best lighting of the day. Watching a sunrise can be an extremely memorable experience in itself. But taking photos of the sunrise isn’t all. Whether you take photos of the sunrise or not the light that is emitted on to the architecture, mountains, ocean or city skyline can be beautiful. Getting up early to take photos, even if you are not a professional photographer is worth it.


sunrise, wake up early


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The day is getting started

The early morning is when the day is just getting started. The city streets are quiet, there are fewer people and vehicles around and small businesses like farmers markets, bakeries and patisseries are being set up for the day. This is a great time to explore a city and see how the day begins. It is also a great way to find some new streets and to people watch as they start their daily commute to work. Watching the day get started in a foreign place can be an educational and interesting experience.

Fewer crowds

I think we can all agree that we have been to a tourist attraction or place of interest and we have had to fight our way through huge crowds of people to get a decent photo and to even see the monument in the first place. This is just damn annoying and it can really ruin a beautiful place. I have been to plenty of places all over the world in which this has happened. Some of these places are ones in which I have always wanted to visit. But upon arrival, I have felt so overwhelmed and frustrated at the number of people being there that I have walked away having not seen it properly and without taking a single photo.


More time in the day

The earlier you rise the more time during the day to explore and the more you can get done. Most of us only have a limited amount of time to travel before we fly home and go back to work. Waking up early allows us to take advantage of the short time we do have.


Why you should always wake up early while travelling.

Thanks for reading the reasons why you should always wake up early while travelling. We would love to hear your thoughts and some of the reasons you get up early while holidaying. Let us know in the comments below.



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