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Why you should get a whippet

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In October 2019 we picked up our first puppy together, an eight-week-old whippet, named Suki. She is almost six months old now and we absolutely love her. Since we got her we have been learning all about what it is like to live with a whippet, getting to know her personality. We have seen many other whippet owners on the streets and at pet stores and we have exchanged stories. They all say and think the same things about the breed as we do. With this article, we want to talk about those things and the reasons why you should get a whippet.


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Why the whippet is the perfect dog for you


Whippets are quiet


Unlike many other breeds of dog, the whippet is a very quiet dog, it does not bark much. The whippet isn’t the type of dog to run up and down your backyard fence barking at the dog next door or at people who are randomly walking past. If you are after a dog that is quiet in nature then the whippet is a great dog for you.


Easy grooming and very clean


The whippet is also a great dog for those who want easy grooming. Whippets have a very short coat so it does not shed a lot of hair when compared to a lot of other dog breeds. Of course, whippets require an occasional brush to remove loose hair but they do not need to be taken to a dog groomer. Because the whippet has such a short coat they are very easy to clean, they do not get knots in their fur and do not require regular baths.

We use a pet grooming glove brush (similar to this one) to remove any loose hair and wash her maybe once a month using the Rufus & Coco Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, made for sensitive skinned dogs. Most of the time if Suki starts to smell we apply a waterless spray-on shampoo.


Can be very lazy


Once a whippet has had its short burst of energy it is happy to do absolutely nothing. A whippet will find a comfortable position and may sit there for hours. Every whippet owner we have met has also found their whippet to be the exact same. We also find that if it is raining outside Suki will not budge from her bed, if she does it will be to move from her own bed to our bed or the family lounge.


Whippets are a healthy breed


An advantage to owning a whippet is the overall health of the breed. Whippets are considered a very healthy breed of dog. They have very few health problems when they are fed high-quality products, given adequate exercise and have regular checkups. Compared to other breeds of dog they are not prone to common problems like ear infections and joint problems. Because of this, the average lifespan of a whippet is between 12 and 15 years.


Are very affectionate


There is nothing that a whippet loves more than to cuddle up to you on the couch and fall asleep on your lap. The whippet genuinely enjoys snuggling up to you as you watch tv and loves to wiggle their way under the blankets on your bed.

A whippet is an extremely affectionate and loving dog, they love to cuddle up to you and be close to you. They will bury themselves in your lap, steal your blankets, stretch out on your bed or couch and stay there for hours. Suki expects us to give her lots of love and gives it back to us in the form of lots of licks and cuddles.


Whippets have a great temperament


The whippet has a great temperament. Whippets are not vicious dogs, aren’t destructive when they are stimulated and are very calm and well-mannered dogs when they are trained properly. They are also great with other dogs and cats and are perfect for those who have kids or are wanting to start a family.


Aren’t super high energy dogs


Whippets tend to have short bursts of energy. They love to zoom around for about an hour and then they will be happy to laze around for hours. When comparing whippets to many other dog breeds, the whippet is very content with a 20-30 minute walk and a 20 minute game of fetch. Whippets don’t need a large backyard or large paddocks to run around for hours upon hours to be stimulated. A whippet is a perfect companion for someone that doesn’t have the space or time for higher energy dogs.

Suki is definitely not a very destructive dog either, she has pulled the stuffing out of a few soft toys but hasn’t destroyed anything else. We have never had a problem with Suki chewing on the lounge, or doors, or anything of high value. Every now and then she will steal the front door mat and run away with it, but she has never tried to destroy it.


Make great indoor dogs


The whippet makes for the perfect inside dog and makes for a great apartment dog. All of the above reasons make a whippet a great inside animal. Whippets don’t shed a lot of hair, they don’t need a lot of space, are not loud and annoying for you or for your neighbours, can be very lazy and are super affectionate.

Because the whippet is a fairly lazy dog and great for indoors it is also perfect for those who work at home. A lot of the work we do is from home so Suki is always there with us.


They are super cute


And let’s not forget the fact that whippets are just super cute and are very photogenic dogs.


Why you should get whippet


A whippet is a great choice if you are considering a dog. Whippets are loyal, friendly, easy to groom, low energy and affectionate companion animals. Getting our whippet Suki has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done, we absolutely love her.

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