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Jun 30, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why you should start a Youtube channel if you travel regularly

Travel vlogging has become one of the most popular video categories on Youtube. I think it is a good thing, for many reasons. In this article, I want to talk about why you should start a Youtube channel if you travel regularly. 

Whether it’s a weekend road trip, a relaxing holiday to Bali or a backpacking trip through Europe, travel is, well, fun and exciting. Travel is something most of us enjoy or at least dream of doing.

Creating a Youtube channel allows you to share your tips and tricks with others from around the world. Travel vlogs and other travel videos allow you to share your knowledge and even give someone a glimpse of a place they have never been to before.

Travel and tourism is also a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and growing. If you work extremely hard, keep at it long enough and build an audience it could even earn you some money.


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Why you should start a Youtube channel


Inspire others to travel


A travel channel could and should inspire others to travel. I have learned more in life while travelling. Travelling has broadened my mind, has made me more open and empathetic and has allowed me to communicate and get to know people from all over the world. Creating a travel channel gives you a platform to show the world the positives. We are constantly bombarded by the media telling us how dangerous the world is. A travel channel on Youtube allows you to show others what the world is really like. People get inspired by activity. I was inspired by other YouTubers and it was one of the reasons I started one.


Help others to decide where to travel


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, trailing only to parent company Google. When people have a problem or a question they search for it through one of those two websites. Having a Youtube channel allows you to be found through Google and Youtube when people search for particular terms. A Youtube channel allows you to create content that people will search for when planning a trip or looking for places to travel to on your recommendations. Your Youtube channel could be the final factor in someone choosing a destination. Much like people go to TripAdvisor to find good hotels and tours, Youtube is used by people looking to see who has been to that destination before to see what it looks like and what they thought of it.


Tips for travelling 


Your Youtube channel is a great place to provide tips to those who have never travelled and to those who aren’t as well-travelled as you are. Providing useful tips will help. Your viewers will be extremely grateful for the knowledge you share with them. It doesn’t matter if those tips are shared throughout your vlogs or in dedicated how-to videos. Sharing tips and tricks is a great way to educate and add value to others. Tips videos are highly searched for on Google and Youtube and for good reason. 


Documenting your trip


Another reason why you should start a Youtube channel if you travel regularly is that you are documenting your travels. This is something I have talked about in several blog posts. I think it is really important and something you will appreciate more in the future. Our parents love making videos of us at our birthdays each year, performing at school events and even going to the beach. There is no difference. Essentially what your parents have been doing is documenting your life. Travel vlogging is similar, it is just documenting your travels. Being able to show your kids and grandkids your adventures or looking back on them for yourself in future years is something you won’t truly appreciate until later on.





Create a community


Another great reason to start a Youtube channel is to build a community of like-minded people. Whether you are wanting to be a social media influencer or not this is just a great way to connect yourself with people who are interested in the same things as you. Being able to share your travel vlogs and tips videos with those who want to watch make it more fun and worthwhile. Having an audience, even if it is a small one, you feel valued and feel like you are contributing value to others.


Meet other YouTubers and learn


This goes hand in hand with creating a community, being a Youtuber allows you to build your influence and even opens up doors for you to meet other travellers who are on Youtube. There are so many YouTubers in the travel and related niches that there is an opportunity for you to connect with them and even learn from them even if they are at the same level as you. Connecting with other Youtubers allows you to again, feel valued, allows you to surround yourself with like-minded people and build your audiences together.


It is fun

I’m going to put it out there, it is hard to run a Youtube channel. There is a lot that goes into one. Filming content, editing, finding suitable music, uploading it, optimising the video and sharing them across social media and repeating that. But creating videos is fun and very rewarding. I love uploading videos, receiving positive comments and getting views, even if it is only 20, just knowing that 20 individuals watched our videos is an amazing feeling.


Why you should start a Youtube channel if you travel regularly


Thanks for reading our reasons for why you should start a Youtube channel if you travel regularly. We love creating Youtube videos and we think you will too.




Daniel Walker - Author

Daniel Walker is an Australian landscape photographer, blogger, outdoor enthusiast and travel addict originally from western Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, Victoria.

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