Dec 19, 2017
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why you should start documenting your travels

In just over three years I went from never being on a plane to travelling to seven different countries and doing extensive travel in Australia too. During that time I travelled to many wonderful places and I created a lot of great memories. Some of them I may have forgotten if it wasn’t for documenting my travels. In this article, I wanted to talk about why you should start documenting your travels and the importance of it. I also wanted to touch briefly on how you can start documenting your travels too.

Start documenting your travels

How I started documenting my trip

Before I started a Youtube channel or the Wanderwalkers blog I started to document my travels without really realising I was doing it. While I was in New Zealand I collected maps, brochures, receipts, photos and entry tickets. I kept them all and when I returned home I cut them all up and glued them into a scrapbook. I still have this scrapbook, in fact, I have two, hidden away in my bookshelf. Every now and then I stumble across it and skim through the pages. Looking through this book always brings a smile to my face and reminds me of how amazing that first overseas trip was. 

I continued to scrapbook my travels over the next two years. I did the same thing for my first trip to Melbourne and Adelaide. Then again after I returned home from Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau in 2016. Then in 2017, I did the same thing for my trip to Seoul and Japan. This time I had a scrapbook with me on my trip and I completed it in the Airbnbs and hotels we were staying in. 

Scrapbooking was how I started documenting my trips. I love having a hardcopy of all the things I collected while travelling. Being able to flick through the pages and see it all brings back great memories. Before my trip to New Zealand, I had never done scrapbooking in my life. To be honest I don’t really know why I even started doing it. For whatever reason I started doing it I am sure glad I did.


What I regret about my previous trips

While I did start to document through the art of scrapbooking I regret not doing more. When I was in New Zealand I took thousands of photos. But I didn’t take enough video and I didn’t do any writing. I also took thousands of photos when I was in Singapore and Hong Kong. But again I didn’t take many videos or write anything down. Kayleigh, on the other hand, had started her Youtube channel and started to vlog the trip. At the time I was really hesitant and I felt really awkward when the camera was placed on me. At the time I didn’t really want to be in her videos.

Nowadays, when I look back at her videos I realise how much I regret not getting involved more in her videos. I also regret not recording videos of my own. When I look back on Kayleigh’s videos I remember even more of the trip we shared together. Watching her videos brings back great memories, some of which I totally forgot had even occurred. I wish I started my Youtube channel earlier and I wish I started this blog sooner, but I am definitely glad I have now.

You can watch our videos and subscribe to our Youtube channel here:

Unlike previous trips, I will be documenting my travels in many way ways. For future trips I will be writing blog posts on this site, taking lots of photos and recording lots of videos.

How you can start documenting your travels

You might be wondering how you can start documenting your travels. There are so many ways to do so, the list is endless, scrapbooking is how I started. Another easy way to start is just by writing in a journal, writing where you are, what you are doing, how the weather is and how you are feeling. We live in a digital world where travel blogs are a-many and travel vlogs on Youtube are increasingly popular. Starting a travel blog or a Youtube channel is another way to do so, even if no one else reads or watches your stuff, you will be able to look back and it will bring you joy. 

How to start documenting your travels

Obviously writing, scrapbooking and making videos is not suited for everybody, and that’s okay. Taking photographs is another way of documenting your travels. This is probably the way that most people remember their travels. Posting your photos on social media sites like Instagram is a great way to show the world your travels. Even if you don’t post the photos anywhere being able to look back at prints later on in life is incredible and will always bring back lots of laughs and memories. 

If you’re interested in documenting your travels you can start by taking photos and vlogging. You don’t have to purchase an expensive camera, start with your phone or you can use a cheap point and shoot camera. If you are interested in a camera click on the banner below.


Why you should start documenting your travels

You should start documenting your travels because I think it is very important. Being able to look back on your previous adventures and see what you were thinking, seeing and feeling in that moment is incredible. Being able to show your future children and even grandchildren who don’t exist yet what you were doing all those years ago is truly incredible. Documenting your trip is far more beneficial and rewarding than buying a souvenir you will never use once you get back home and only last for a couple of months. Being able to watch videos, look at photographs and read the words you wrote later on is very powerful, something you will probably appreciate more later on in life.

Thank you for reading our reasons on why you should start documenting your travels. I think it is extremely important nowadays and you will definitely appreciate it much more in years to come when you look back at it later on in life. Do you document your travels in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

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