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Mar 19, 2018
Posted by: Daniel Walker

Why you should use Uber while travelling overseas

Most of us use ride-sharing services while at home to get to work or get home from a big night out. They are convenient for most of us, taking just a few minutes to set up on our mobile phones and less than 30 seconds to order a comfortable ride. Uber offers a very competitive rate compared to taxis so here you will find 5 other reasons why you should use Uber while travelling overseas. We use Uber all the time while we are travelling and we have found it to be a very useful tool.


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Using Uber while travelling overseas


1. No local currency


You have just flown into a new city, you haven’t pre-purchased an airport transfer or bus and you have no local currency to pay for a local taxi. It is almost impossible to carry currency for every country you are travelling to. Using Uber can help because the money is taken straight from your bank account or credit card saved to your account.


2. GPS


You can see the exact route your driver is using and you can see exactly how far away they are on the app’s built-in GPS. You can also see the route they are using to get to the destination you selected.





3. Language barrier


When you arrive in a foreign country and you have to communicate the hotel you’re staying at to a taxi driver, it can be extremely difficult. If you have ever tried to tell a cab driver the hotel name and then have to pull up the address from your booking confirmation to show them, then you are not alone. Using a ride-sharing service eliminates this step altogether.


4. Estimated cost


Before you even confirm your Uber ride you can see the estimated cost of your ride. Other than the fare being cheaper it also benefits you and saves you from dealing with dodgy taxi drivers. In many countries taxis aren’t regulated, taxis don’t use meters, or drivers claim they are broken. Some drivers may even tell you one price so you get in their vehicle and charge you another price. I have heard stories from others claiming taxis say the fare will cost $15, only for them to try to take $50 from you, claiming they said 50 and not 15. 


5. Ratings and reputation


Using Uber allows you to see who your driver is and their reputation. You can see how many trips they have done, and you can see their star rating out of five. Once your driver has accepted you have two minutes to cancel your ride if you aren’t satisfied with their driving history. This also eliminates the possibility of being scammed by illegitimate drivers waiting in the cab rank who claim to be taxi drivers.





How to get a discount on Uber


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Don’t rely on ride-sharing apps


While ride-sharing services like Uber are amazing, you should not completely rely on it. In some countries, Uber may be classified as illegal or there may be other companies providing a similar service. Ride-sharing services like Uber are not available in every country and sometimes it is easier and cheaper to use other forms of transport instead.


Thanks for reading our five reasons why you should use Uber while travelling overseas. Have you ever used Uber or any other ride-sharing services while overseas? How have your experiences using these services overseas been? 





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